Sunday, June 9, 2013

Roskelley's Contribution for Shirt

We're excited about our matching "reunion" shirts!!  I had several things up for discussion in the comments in case you haven't started on this yet.

#1)The Kids could come up with a design, and we (really Trevor) can find clip art to match the "design". That is how we got Sea Werle's.  Erica, drew it, and trevor made it with clip art.

#2) We come up with the concept and let the kids draw the image: So, if you like the fish- we can have a kid draw the picture for the fish, etc. rather than use clipart. But it gives the kids a direction to go with their art.

#3) If you have your own shirts already designed, you can all send me your jpg.s of ideas, and I'll put them on this page and create a way to vote via google docs.

#4)Here are some other ideas we were brainstorming. (your kids can use them to make their art if they like)
  • Werle-nado (a tornado with all our names inside.)
  • Swirled Ice cream cone with all our last names swirled into the ice cream
  • Werled Cup

The Sea Werles

The Werle Squirrels

A squirrel Corey found

Disney Werle

Disney Werled

(we are aware we may have copyright issues with this one :) )

See Werle 

Post your comments below!  My idea was the squirrel, and my entire family and Sarah's family hate it.  Wa wa... it's cute though, right??

Corey's contribution!!  THanks guys

Shark Werles

Mideivel Werle

Awesome Werle

TJ's Crazy Contribution

Tim's Shirt

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